Sex Siopa & Mish Mash team up for Yelp Dublin event.

Sex Siopa talks sex toys - Dublin, Ireland

Yesterday was my 30th birthday, and what better way to spend it than talking about sex toys and stuffing my face full of chocolate cake? For the past month, Yelp Dublin have been hosting a series of food-related events under the hashtag #Dublinfoodpornstar, and they paired me with the talented cake making sisters at Mish Mash on Capel street for an evening of Nookie and Cookies.

sex toys and tasty treats - Dublin, Ireland

Firstly, Mish Mash is adorable. Located at the very top of Capel street, across from Outhouse, Mish Mash is small and easy to miss, but once inside, their warm cozy atmosphere makes you feel right at home. You can really see why so many self-employed people hang out there with their laptops. If I lived on the North Side, I’d make it my office too.

Sex toys - Dublin, Ireland

Owner, Carolina, put on a serious spread for all of us as well - cake, sambos, cookies, fizzy drinks, the works! I did my thing and guided people through lubes and vibrators and anal toys, while Carolina put out tray after tray of yummy food and Emily from Yelp poured drinks and handed out our goody bags.

These types of relaxed, casual events are my favourite. They’re fun and small enough that I can talk with everyone properly. People seem to be more comfortable asking questions in a smaller groups as well, which I love. Here’s a few more photos from the evening care of Andrus Mets.

Sex Siopa discusses sex toys - Dublin, Ireland

Sex Siopa at Mish Mash event - Dublin, Ireland

Sex Siopa at Mish Mash - Dublin, Ireland

Sex Siopa talks sex toys - Ireland

I've done a few events like these now with Tropical Popical and Designist, and I'd love to do more. If you have an event and have decided that it would benefit from the presence of sex toys and/or me, I'd love to team up. Give me a shout at