Show Some Love

Here are some fantastic reviewers, resources, campaigns, shops and people that Sex Siopa loves: 

Sex Toy Reviewers

  • Oh Joy Sex Toy - Beautifully drawn sex toy review / sex education web comic by Portland artist Erika Moen. The sex education pieces are simply brilliant and very accessible. I hope to get the Oh Joy Sex Toy book in stock sometime in early 2015.
  • Hey Epiphora - A fantasticly snarky and informative sex toy review blog.
  • Ruffled Sheets - Wonderful London-based blogger specializing in men's toys and male chastity devices.
  • Lorax of Sex - Hailing from my hometown of Seattle, Lorax is a sex educator and blogger with some highly informative posts about sex toy materials and lubricants as well as reviews.

Bodysafe Resources

Sex Positive Resources

  • Savage Lovecast - Weekly hilarious, thoughtful and sarcastic wisdom from my favourite sex positive advice podcast. You can also read Savage Love in The Stranger, Seattle's independent newspaper. I really can't recommend this enough, but if you don't believe me check out Slate's Top 25 Best Podcast Episodes Ever (The Lovecast is Number 14). The Savage Lovecast also made iTunes Top 10 Podcasts of 2014. 


  • SpunOut - Ireland's one stop resource for information on sex, work, drugs, relationships, mental health and pretty much anything else you could ever need. While aimed at a younger audience but the information is relevant to anyone of any age and this site really is brilliant, especially given the current lack of good education for younger people about sex and relationships.
  • McGreal's Physiotherapy - Aoibhin McGreal is Physiotherapist who specialises in pelvic floor dysfunction as well as women and men's health. She graduated from UCD with Honours and went on to complete her masters at the University of Bradford. We love Aoibhin, not just because she's a great physiotherapist, but also because she's an excellent ambassador for pelvic health, spreading her message at conferences, on radio programmes, and through blogs.
  • Empowers Me - Ireland's only Clinical Sexologist Emily Power Smith is on a mission is to make it safe and normal for all people to talk about sexuality. Emily provides science-based, non-religious, non-judgmental and up-to-date sexual health education for all ages that includes lessons in sexual esteem and sexual boundaries. She provides counselling services for couples or individuals as well and training and support for professionals and organisations that want to bring some Sex Positivity into their lives. Emily appears on Ryan Tubridy speaking about relationships every last Thursday of the month and you can hear her discuss Sex Siopa on Ryan Tubridy's radio show.

Cool People, Shops and Campaigns

  • Minnie Melange - Not just your typical fashion blog. With a background in education and fashion, Sinead uses her blog to educate the public about an industry that is as complex and contradictory as it is massive and powerful. She often is the one to interview the important people behind the big names we all know. 
  • Tropical Popical - Iconic, tropical-kitsch nail bar on South William Street. Andrea and co. provide a fun, laid-back approach to nails whilst keeping their services very affordable. 
  • Designist - Everybody's favourite go-to place for unique, affordable, and often Irish-designed gifts. Shortlisted for the Irish Times Best Shops 2014
  • Erika Lust - Barcelona-based porn director who runs, where people submit their fantasies and sex stories, and Erika recreates her favourites on screen.
  • Siri - Read my interview with Siri on the blog and you'll see straight away why I like her so much: super smart, sexy and part of the team behind Pay For Your Porn.
  • #PayForYourPorn is a campaign to encourage the public to support the folks in the adult entertainment industry by not using tube sites and paying for content you consume. You can read my thoughts on why this is important on my blog.

Resources and Recommendations for Irish Businesses

  • Realex Fire Web Awards - These awards are free to enter and the only rule is that sponsors cannot enter their own sites. Winning the 2013 Web Award for Best Ecommerce Site in Ireland was a huge boost to Sex Siopa in it's first year, and for any start-up or established company I'd highly recommend entering. 
  • Mulley Communications - No bullshit, just good advice for anyone wanting to be better online. Sign up for the newsletter on their website - it's well worth it. Attending some of the courses run by Mulley Comms has given Sex Siopa insight into Google Adwords and Analytics, amongst other things. Oh and they blogged about Sex Siopa and our use of Twitter.
  • Irish Internet Domain Registry (IEDR) - You'll need to register your .ie address here, but you should also check out their Optimise Fund - every year they distribute €150,000 worth of consultancy to 15 Irish SMEs! Sex Siopa won in 2014, you can read about it on the blog
  • Elucidate - We worked over summer 2014 with Elucidate as a result of winning the IEDR Optimise Fund, and got extremely valuable feedback and advice on Adwords, SEO, Social Media, Metadata and everything else you need to have a successful online business.
  • Made It Series - Events for learning from Irish people who have made it in business. Also, for some reason they invited me to talk at one. It was fun! I really wanted to drive home the point that you don't have to know absolutely everything when you first start out, you'll learn on the job.