Sex Siopa is Ireland's multi-award winning, health and design focused, online sex shop!

Our goal is to give our customers the best experience possible by stocking bodysafe, well designed toys and accessories as well as providing them with current, up-to-date information about toy care, safe sex, and the products themselves.

“Bodysafe” refers to toys made from materials known to be non-toxic and, if it's a penetration toy, safe for internal use. Sex Siopa stock only bodysafe toys. You can learn more on our Bodysafe Toys page.

100% Irish small business: Irish Owned and Operated, our online shop is based in beautiful, windy Sligo. 

Customer Service: While we do not have a physical shop, we try our very best to be accessible and approachable, and we'd love to answer any of your sex toy questions or hear your comments. We're committed to finding the best toys for each individual customer, so if you're not sure what toy to choose, please feel free to contact us at hello@sexsiopa.ie or reach out to us on Twitter, or Instagram.

Discreet Shipping: The vast majority of our orders are shipped next day, and all orders are registered and trackable. Our shipping is also totally discreet and while Sex Siopa is a rather "loud and proud" company, we will never put our name on the outside of your parcel. 

Secure Payments by PayPal, Realex and Bitcoin

  • All payments on Sexsiopa.ie are made securely through PayPal, Realex and Bitcoin.
  • We don’t store any credit card information.
  • Payments appear as ‘THE SIOPA’ on your credit card account. If you pay with your PayPal account, it will appear as 'Sex Siopa' on emails from PayPal, but only as 'The Siopa' on your credit card statement. 

Privacy: We use Shopify to host SexSiopa.ie, Google for email, Paypal, Realex and Bitcoin for payments and MailChimp for our email newsletter. Our email newsletter is opt-in and you can remove your email address at any time. All these sites use industry standard security. We will never give customer information to other businesses. Additional analytics on visits and pages browsed are provided by Google Analytics - this data is anonymous and can not be tied to individuals. For further details, see our privacy policy.

About the Owner: Sex Siopa is owned and operated by Shawna Scott, who started it to provide the kind of inclusive shopping experience she personally wanted and couldn't find in Ireland. She wanted to create a shop that sold only bodysafe sex toys and was welcoming and inclusive to people of all body types, genders, and sexualities. To date she has won multiple awards for her work:

  • Social Media Awards 2020 - Best SME Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Awards 2020 - Best Social Media & eCommerce
  • SME Awards 2016 - Best Online Retailer for the Irish Market
  • SME Awards 2015 - Best Online Retailer for the Irish Market
  • IE Domain Registry Optimise Award - 2014
  • Web Awards 2013 - Best eCommerce Site

She has also been featured on radio, television, podcasts, and print and enjoys talking about sex and sex toys at events and on panel discussions. For a full list of media appearances, please have a look at our Media page.

When she's not selling sex toys around Ireland, Shawna loves crafting, eating the last biscuit, and hanging out with her adopted greyhound Gozer.

 If you have a question or comment, you can email Shawna at hello@sexsiopa.ie