Today's lunch was sponsored by...Cheese Cake


This is completely not sex or shop-related in anyway, but I felt that this is an important topic that requires immediate discussion. OMG! If you are town, get yourselves down to Cheese Cake on South William Street, and get your face around some cake! I had been meaning to pop in for a slice for the last few weeks and only got a chance today. Holy cow! Lets start things off with the flavours. They've a myriad of them. If you can think them up, they probably already do them. I had a slice of freshly made berry jelly cheesecake. Beautiful! This is not some heavy, preservative filled black forest gateau. This was light, fluffy and dare I say it, refreshing (I know that sounds weird for a cheesecake). Sometimes with cheesecake, I feel sluggish like I've come to the end of a cake eating marathon. Happy to report that wasn't the case here. Part of that is getting the balance between base and filling just right. Cheese Cake were spot on with the base/filling ratio. 


Just on a personal note as well, I get so excited when I see new small businesses popping up around town. It's part of what makes Dublin so special. When they have such a unique (not to mention delicious) product like Cheese Cake, that feeling is amplified. I really want to see them do well. They're only a pop-up shop at the moment, so I hope you'll join me in supporting them by stuffing yourselves full of tastiness in the run up to Christmas.