Sex Toys with Multiple Uses

When I put new toys on the website, I categorise them by their most obvious usage - Vibrator, Anal toys, Masturbator - for ease of navigation, but that's not to say that a toy can only be used for that one specific purpose. Just as sex itself can be endlessly varied, so too can your sex toy. Just like with Ikea flat pack furniture or that pink lipstick you've started using as blush, with a little creativity, you might find that just because the label on a toy says it's great for X doesn't mean it isn't good for Y also. 

Wand vibrators like the Smartwand are probably the most obvious as they were originally marketed as back massagers. However it didn't take us long to figure out what else they excelled at doing. In fact when I see videos about wand massagers like the one below - published just 2 years ago - that completely ignores the fact that it's one of the world's most popular vibrators, I have to laugh/throw serious side-eye. I'm actually encountering more and more 20-somethings now in the past few years who exclaim "My vibrator doubles as a really good back massager!" 


Speaking of vibrators, did you know they can be used on penises too? Some people really enjoy the sensation of vibrations on the head and frenulum. After all penises are the masculine equivalent of the clitoris. It can be an especially great solution for folks with limited mobility or those with erectile disfunction, because it provides direct, intense stimulation without any strenuous wrist and arm movement.  


vibrator on silicone dildo from Sex Siopa Ireland

Similarly some typically male masturbation toys can work a treat for vulva owners! The Tenga Egg for example, can be turned inside out so that the texture is on the outside. By placing it on your 4 fingers and adding a bit of lube, it adds a new dimension to manual stimulation either alone or with a parter. You can also use it over the top of a lot of vibrators as well. 

Tenga egg used for manual stimulation / masturbation

There are many reasons why some women and trans men might not enjoy deep vaginal penetration whether it's for medical reasons like endometriosis or vaginismus or just personal preference. You may also just want to change up the routine. For this, I like to recommend using an anal plug like the Fun Factory Bootie or the Njoy Pure Plug vaginally. Most are curved, so they should rub nicely against the bottom of the G-spot while giving a comfortable, shallow amount of penetration. Hold a vibrator against the base for extra sensation. 

Butt plugs from Fun Factory and Njoy

The possibilities with sex toys are really endless. For more resources and ideas for how to use your sex toys creatively, I like to read Oh Joy Sex Toy, Hey Epiphora, and A Femme Cock.