Christmas Sex Toy Shopping at Illuminaughty

Gift wrapped christmas present sex toy - Sex Siopa Ireland

Here at Sex Siopa HQ, I'm gearing up for the holiday season! I've bought loads of pretty Christmas wrap and plenty of ribbon. This Sunday the 27th, I'll be selling my wares at the Illuminaughty Holiday Market in the Liquor Rooms from 6-11pm. I couldn't think of a better place for a bit of weekend evening shopping. Grab a fancy cocktail while you have a browse of all the stalls. It's free in, and there'll be loads of vintage and alternative fashions, arts, crafts, burlesquey things, and of course plenty of sex toys from myself. 

I'm also offering a special 10% off for people who preorder their toys on to collect at the Illuminaughty Market. Just use the code MARKET10 at checkout, and I'll have your Christmas pressies all gift wrapped and waiting for you on the night. Please remember though that this code is ONLY for people collecting at the market. If you cannot make it in, you'll be asked to pay full price before it can be shipped to you.