Sex Siopa meets Buddabag

 Me sitting on an Úr Snug in Silver Fox Corduroy. Sex Siopa and Buddabag

The past 3 years running Sex Siopa, for lack of a better cliché, has been an incredible journey! I often reflect on the incredible opportunities that I've been afforded because of Sex Siopa as well as the seriously intense amount of non-stop work both myself and my partner have put into building Sex Siopa and creating an online space where everyone feels welcome and serves, not only as a shop, but as a resource and a social media community.

Our first 18 months were steep learning curve of figuring out how to run a business, build a website that doesn't suck, and research as many brands and products as we could get our hands on! Once we settled in, I started to find my niche. I discovered that despite being a bit of an introvert, I wasn't terrible at public speaking, and I loved talking to people about sex. Even better - people actually APPRECIATED when I talked to them about sex, so I started doing more of that around the country. Colleges, festivals, lecture series, radio programmes... For as repressed as Irish people are often portrayed, we certainly love to hear people talking about sex!

However as Sex Siopa grows and expands, and being the type who's always looking for a new challenge, I've decided to take on something a bit different. It's time for Sex Siopa to go into manufacturing. Not only that, but for our very first product, we've partnered up with one of our favourite Irish companies - Buddabag.

Under our own brand, Úr, we'd like to introduce the Snug: a foam cuddle bag that perfectly fits 2 people. It currently comes in two exclusive fabrics - Orchid microsuede and Silver Fox corduroy - but we hope to expand the range throughout the year.  

 Úr Snug colour swatches by Sex Siopa and Buddabag

My partner has owned his Buddabag for nearly 10 years and it's our favourite piece of furniture in the house. It's the most sought after seat in the sitting room when guests arrive, and it's where we do the vast majority of our Netflix & chillin'.  

Also working with Buddabag to create the Úr Snug has been an absolute dream. It's been a collaboration born out of a mutual appreciation for each other's companies. Their design team imparted their fantastic knowledge of colours, fabrics, and the furniture industry upon us whilst encouraging me to trust my instinct. It's been a wonderful experience, and I hope to create more with them in future!

 Buddabag and Sex Siopa introduce the Úr Snug foam love seat