New Bijoux Indiscrets

Over the past few years, Bijoux Indiscrets has grown to become one of the best-loved erotic apparel and cosmetics brands in Europe. Though they've been around since 2006, their product range and packaging have beautifully evolved just the past few years into something that would feel just as at-home in a luxury department store as it would in an adult shop. They have really honed their design in a way I don't often see with erotic accessories brands. 

While they take heaps of inspiration from vintage burlesque and erotic novels, they've made sure to keep the look updated, modern, and distinctly their own. I've selected few of my favourites to stock that I think perfectly represent Bijoux Indiscrets' classic style. I think you're really going to love them:

Masks - €18

Bling Bling Body Shimmer - €22

Bijoux Indiscrets Bling Bling body shimmer

Plush Blindfold - €12

Bijoux Indiscrets BDSM blindfold - Sex Siopa Ireland

Sparkly Reusable Nipple Pasties - €18

Sparkly burlesque nipple pasties - Sex Siopa Ireland