Where to Find Sex Siopa @ Electric Picnic 2015!

I'm back at Electric Picnic this weekend singing for my supper, so I hope that if you're not too hungover you'll join me for the sexiest fun times one can have without actually having "sexy-fun-times." 

SATURDAY: I'll be in An Puball Gaeilge giving away fabulously sexy prizes (including a top secret prize I've had specially commissioned for this event) to the winners and participants of their annual Porn as Gaelige competition. Think you've got what it takes to dub over cheesy porn in Irish? Come down at 3pm and show us what you've got! You can find a full schedule of their events here.


SUNDAY: The super deadly folks at Science Gallery have invited me back to take part in a panel discussion called: TABOO! THE FUTURE OF SEX AND OUR BODIES. Hosted by Irish Times journalist, Una Mullaly and chaired by myself; Director of Public Health in the HSE, Dr. Diarmuid O’Donovan; and Professor of Psychology at Trinity College Dublin, Fiona Newell. We'll be discussing sex, health and technology; and once again I'll be bringing the tone down in a room full of highly accomplished intellectuals. Apologies ahead of time.

And finally the Ireland Calais Refugee Solidarity group will be at each information centre in every campsite on Monday from 10am. If you can, please collapse your tent and donate it to them. Below is a list of other items needed if you wish to bring them along to donate. If you're not going to Electric Picnic, there will also be regional collection points this weekend across the country.