This Week in Sex: Aug 7th - 14th

  • Are you kidding me?! Stephen Fry, Mel Giedroyc and Emma Bunton are to share the role of the Narrator in an upcoming gala performance of the Rocky Horror Show! If you can't make it to London though, why not come down to the Dublin Rocky Horror 10th Anniversary screening in the Sugar Club on Halloween? We're great craic, I swear!
  • John Oliver killed it on Sunday with this piece on sex education. Last year I spoke at Creative Mornings about this very issue and how States which use abstinence-only education, have higher teen pregnancy rates than those who use comprehensive sex education. 

  • Amnesty International met in Dublin this week and voted in favour of a resolution that would seek to have sex work decriminalised internationally in order to protect the human rights of those working in the industry. Many groups including a group of Hollywood celebrities have come out against the proposed policy, while loads of sex workers and sex workers' rights groups are in favour of it. 


  • Over at The Guardian, Hadley Freeman posits that Tinder is not the end of intimacy. "Dating has always been horrific and weird." 
  • A Catholic Priest in Michigan is teaching local young folk that having anal sex is like "cramming a bagel in your ear...." riiigghhhtt....