This Week in Sex

Here's a list of great links from the past week to keep you au fait and up-to-date with the latest in sex news!

Irish Times Sex Survey Results - The Irish Times have this week published the results of their sex survey. There's some very interesting and surprising information in there (like the fact that virgins have waaaayy more webcam sex than the rest of us) and some not so surprising info (like that people over 30 generally think that having technology in bed has a negative affect on their sex life, while those under 30 generally don't think it has any effect). (via Irish Times)

Why Birth Control Dispensers Look the Way They Do - a brief history of the first birth control pill dispenser, which is currently in the Smithsonian History Collection in Washington D.C.. Sadly though, it is not on display, so don't go booking that Aer Lingus flight just yet. (via Gizmodo)

The genius of Magic Mike XXL - I love this review about what makes Magic Mike XXL so brilliant and hot. (via Little White Lies)

"Magic Mike XXL might be tedious if gender-flipped because sexualised images are the norm when it comes to representations of women. They are not the norm for men. As such, it is a blast of cool air and a cascade of hot feeling to see male actors gamely committing to giving women what they want on the most base of levels."

A worm that is actually a dickhead - Scientists have discovered that the hermaphroditic flatworm can reproduce in a very unusual way. This makes me kind of glad that I'm not a flatworm...amongst plenty of other reasons. (via The Guardian)

Dick-umentary - Speaking of penises, there is a new documentary available on iTunes that explores the biology and evolutionary history of one of our favourite sex organs! I'll definitely be giving this a watch this weekend. (via The Atlantic)

And finally John Oliver knocks it out of the park (again) with his piece on transgender rights.