Mooncups! Get yer Mooncups here!

Hey period-havers! Yeah you with the bleeding womb! Guess no longer have to shove bits of bleached cotton up your vagina during your lady-times. Sex Siopa now stocks the super convenient, environmentally friendly (not to mention MONEY-SAVING) alternative: Mooncup!

They've been around for years, but have only really taken off here in Ireland in the last few thanks to word of mouth recommendations from menstrual cup evangelists (of which I have a few in my life) and this fun little rap battle that Mooncup produced a couple years ago that went viral. 


If you haven't used a Mooncup before, it does take a few tries to get used to the folding and inserting technique, but as Erika from Oh Joy Sex Toy points out - when you were 13 you had to learn how to use a tampon too, so there's really not whole lot of difference. 

What I really love about them is how much money they save. If you think about how much money you spend every year on sanitary products and compare that to a €30 Mooncup, it's kind of a no brainer. With all the money you're saving you can buy yourself something you actually want like a new vibrator, or a fancy bottle of wine, or a Buffy box set! 

They're all incredibly environmentally friendly. It's estimated that women use on average 11,000 tampons in their lifetime, and that all ends up in landfills and the sea; and you don't want to be responsible for a poor baby seal out in Dun Laoghaire Harbour choking on one of your tampons do you? No I thought not. So do it for your vagina. Do it for your wallet. Do it for baby seals. Get yourself a Mooncup!