Sex Siopa teaming up with Chip Zdarsky to give sex advice to pub patrons...

Shawna of Sex Siopa reads Sex Criminals. Dublin, Ireland

It's been a time-honoured Sex Siopa tradition that I answer sex and relationship questions at my speaking events. I love playing the Agony Aunt, and this Thursday thanks to the legends over at Big Bang Comics in Dundrum, I have the privilege of reprising that role to solve all your sexual queries & quandaries with deadly comic book person, Chip Zdarsky

You might know Chip from his work with Matt Fraction on Sex Criminals, a tale of a girl and a guy who can stop time by having orgasms so of course they use their powers to rob banks, because why the flip not?!


If you haven't read Sex Criminals already, I highly recommend them and you can buy the beautiful hard-bound edition of the first 10 episodes at Big Bang (as shown above). Then when you're done doing that, you should definitely come down to Big Bang on Thursday and get Chip to sign it before popping into Thomas House for the afterparty where Chip and I will be doling out sex and relationship advice, both solicited and unsolicited. 

All the information on the signing event and afterparty can be found on their Facebook page, and both events are free to attend. It'll be a great night with loads of lovely, sound people.

If you would like to contribute a question for the evening, please use the hashtag #ChipsTips or email them to me (to be used anonymously) at