This week on the Interwebs...

On Sunday you might have seen my interview in the business section of the Sunday Independent, but I assure you there's a lot more out there than me talking about sex toys again (shocking, I know). Here's some of the things I've been watching, reading, distracting myself with this week. 

  • Vice published this beautiful collection of photos by Cosmin Bumbut of the rooms in Romanian prisons that are used for the inmates' conjugal visits.
  • My mom sent me this compilation of Vines of Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund doing generally adorable and ridiculous things that made me miss my parents' own bratty wiener dog, Murphy.
  • Over on Minnie Melange, Sinead got to have the chats with former Scissor Sisters frontwoman, Ana Matronic, for her Extraordinary Women series and now I'm seething with jealousy.
  • On the Savage Lovecast this week, Dan talks with one of my favourite friends to the show, Mistress Matisse, about being a Sex Workers rights activist and the complex and varied relationships sex workers have with their clients that you mightn't see in mainstream media. 
  • Over on Oh Joy Sex Toy, Erika invites guest comic artist Purple Kacleon on to talk about they're experience with open relationships. I love they're gorgeous use of watercolours and adorable animal characters.
  • And finally I was delighted to see Tropical Popical's Trop-ettes on Twitter rocking their #YesEquality badges at the Image Beauty Awards on Sunday night! Fair play, ladies! 

Tropical Popical for Yes Equality - Dublin, Ireland