ISPCC coffee morning & SME Awards Semi-finals

This morning I was delighted to find out that Sex Siopa has made it to the Semi-Finals of the SME Awards in all three categories that I'm nominated for. I'm in excellent company as well, as some of my fellow nominees are folks I really admire like Send My Bag who have such a unique service, FitzCycles who are just up the road from me in Stillorgan, and Nobó whose gorgeous ice-cream I keep seeing in more and more shops around town and have taken the Irish ice-cream market by storm! 

Shawna Scott & Sinead Burke at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

To celebrate I went into town for my mate, Sinead's, coffee & cake morning in Trinity in aid of the ISPCC's Blue Shield campaign. The campaign, which helps to tackle bullying, provides schools with toolkits and training in how to deal with and, most importantly, prevent bullying before it starts. They also have free text support from 10am-4pm everyday for children or loved ones of children who are experiencing bullying. In 2015, they want to expand their efforts outside of schools to youth clubs and community centres, but in order to do that, they need serious cash.

The ISPCC receives no money from the government and relies solely on the generosity of the public. You might remember a few months ago when Childline was in danger of losing it's night time service due to lack of funds. So please, if you have a few bob to spare, you can donate here or pop into Penney's to pick up one of their super fashionable Blue Shield bangles

And of course if you see a poster of Sinead around town, be sure to snap a picture with it and tweet it at her @minniemelange. She'll either be chuffed or die of mortification. Either way is fine with me.  :-P