Anti-Valentines with the Rocky Horror Picture Show in the Sugar Club

Sex Siopa giving sex toys prize at Ireland's Rocky Horror Picture Show

(Me congratulating my raffle winner. Photo by Hector Heathwood)

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's weekend! When I wasn't stuffing my face with brunch, or having a long, luxurious duvet morning in bed, I was selling sex toys at Dublin's Premiere Rocky Horror Picture Show in the Sugar Club. The night was great craic as per usual. Guests were treated homemade fairy cakes and then a couple scenes later, shot in the face with Super Soakers. 

I met loads of lovely, lingerie-clad perverts at my booth who signed up for our raffle for a vibrator gift set that included a Jimmy Jane Form 2, a massage candle and a massage stone. This is why you need to come to Sex Siopa sponsored events! You just might go home with more than you bargained for. 

The opening act for the night was the hilarious Dotty Potts played by Bella Agogo who you can catch on March 20th at the Sugar Club's Steampunk and Burlesque Show!

I love this Rocky cast and crew. It's truly a labour of love for them. They invest so much money, time and effort into costumes, props, choreography, make-up, fairy cakes, etc. to make sure everyone who attends has a fabulously decadent time. I've been to a few Rocky Horror Picture Shows back in the States, but the Sugar Club crew are by far the best I've seen. The proof is in the pudding really when you consider that this upcoming Halloween will be their 10 year anniversary and they consistently sell out all the tables. 

Be sure to like their Facebook page to see more photos of the event and to stay up to date on future shows!