Broad City gets their Peg on

I am forever encouraging straight Irish guys to put things in their butts. Bodysafe things, of course! Many of you are walking around through life totally unaware of how much pleasure you can get from stimulating your prostate. You have a prostate gland and I'm totally jealous of you all!

I find myself on the receiving end of occasional skepticism and sometimes stupid homophobic comments about my advice to men (just an FYI: a sex act can't be homosexual unless the person you're performing said act with is of the same sex as you), but pegging, the act of being anally penetrated by a woman with a strap-on, has been slowly creeping it's way into the mainstream for some time now; and I feel like last week on Broad City, I was finally vindicated by pop culture. 

Abbi is asked by the guy she's seeing to strap-on (with quite a nice leather harness I might add) and get down to peg-town. She nervously rings Ilana to ask for advice. This is first time on film or television that I have ever seen pegging portrayed in such a way that is both mature and enthusiastic. No one pathologizes Jeremy for wanting it, and while Abbi was at first hesitant, she gives herself a minute alone to think and decides "don't knock it till you try it." Fair play, sister!

My reaction to seeing this episode was a lot like Ilana's, except due to complete lack of coordination, I cannot twerk on a wall. The clip below shows you exactly how to talk about pegging with friends and family... maybe not at a funeral though... unless the dearly departed was well known for being an avid pegger or peggee... 

Are you and your partner(s) curious about pegging or happen to be pegging enthusiasts yourselves? AMAZING! I'm super excited for you! Not into it? That's grand too, but the rest of this particular post is going to be for the folks in the former category. Now with that in mind, let me show you some of my favourite pegging utensils and implements!
BS Atelier Leather strap-on harness - €65
Firstly you're going to need a good harness, and I absolutely love this thing! It's a great basic harness that's adjustable, fits sizes small - XL, and comes with 3 different sizes of O-ring to fit just about any toy. 
BS Atelier Alex dildo - €65
This dildo has a fantastic semi-realistic shape and a gorgeous curve. It's my personal favourite of all the dildos. It's a nice medium size so it's filling but not too intimidating. I love the pronounced head as well!
Tantus Silk Small - €25
If you're a nervous, first-time pegger/ peggee, I'd recommend the Tantus Silk Small. It's roughly the size of a finger so it allows you to explore the sensations of being penetrated without it being overwhelming.
Fun Factory Magnum - €50
If length is more your thing, check out the Fun Factory Magnum. At 7.25", it's semi-realistic and flexible, and I just love that raspberry colour!