Sex Toys for your Valentine!

Ireland - Sex toy valentines gift set

Let's face it, Ireland. Sex toys make better gifts than chocolate or flowers. While both of those things are lovely (I'm a sucker for sun flowers and peonies, myself), they're only temporary and last like what... a week tops?

Also I don't think there should be just one day dedicated to telling someone you love them. And I don't think people should feel obliged to buy each other gifts to do so (Don't worry, the irony of an online retailer going on about the pointlessness of Valentine's Day is not lost on me). However if you are going to buy each other something, sex toys are a good place to start. First of all they last way longer than chocolate and flowers. Unless you're doing some sort of Mythbusters type experiment  involving a rocket launcher and a jar of thermite, a non-vibrating silicone toy will last you a life-time. And good vibrators should generally have a lifespan of 2-3 years. 

Sex toys can also be an excellent starting point for conversations about pleasure and what new, exciting things you want to explore with your partner(s). With that in mind, I've put together a few awesome gift hampers in different price ranges so you can treat yourself and your partner(s) to a bit of luxury. Not to mention you'll be saving a bit of money as well. Each hamper comes with at least 1 toy, 1 accessory, and a Bold Bunny greeting card. 

If you're flying solo at the moment, here are some of my favourites for Me-Time:

I've said it before and I'll say it again. The Minna Limon, with it's adorable lemon shape and ability to record my own vibration patterns, is my absolute favourite vibrator. I'd be lost with it. 

I always get questions about how to use the Tenga 3D. I know it looks like a candle or a piece of sculpture and you wouldn't think you could put your penis inside it, but that's all part of it's discreet brilliance! It's our most popular men's masturbation toy.

The Jimmy Jane Form 2 was my favourite before the Limon came along. It's also our highest rated vibrator on the site. In terms of vibrations, it's one of the strongest rechargeable vibes out there.

I always recommend a good, slippery water-based lubricant to use with toys, and at the moment I really love Sliquid's seaweed-infused lube, Sliquid Sea.

The Pearly by Fun Factory is our latest vibrator. At €75 it's an absolute bargain. It's strong, waterproof, and uses a USB / magnetic charging system. I also love the candy green colour!