Sex Siopa on Newstalk's The Right Hook!

Yesterday with goodie bags in hand, I marched down to the Newstalk offices beside Stephen's Green, as I was afforded the incredible opportunity to go on The Right Hook to talk about Sex Siopa during their Kickstart Your Business segment with Gerard Tannam from Islandbridge. Sadly George hasn't been in this week, but Shane Coleman gladly stepped in for him. 

I've been interviewed loads of times before, but this was my first big broadcast on a national radio station talking about my business. I was delighted to hear Gerard and Shane compliment my website and the design of my products. Listening back to previous Kickstart Your Business segments, I expected to hear a lot more about how I could improve; but even though I might not be the type of business they're used to speaking with, they seemed to be impressed with what I have done with Sex Siopa so far. It was a glorious experience.

Hopefully someday I'll be back on the show to speak with the man, himself. If you missed the programme, you can listen back to it here.