Happy Holidays from Sex Siopa!

Hope you're all having a wonderful holiday season. I'm really looking forward to taking a couple of days off to rest and stuff myself full of cheese and chocolate and christmas cheer. Myself and my boyfriend queued for 20 minutes earlier today to pick out some delectable cheeses at Sheridan's, so that part's covered anyway. 

Jimmy Jane Form 2 vibrator

I was both delighted and horrified last week when some toys sold so well, they completely sold out. However I'm happy to report that many of them are back in stock. Some of our Sex Siopa favourites like the Jimmy Jane Form 2 rechargeable vibrator and the Tenga Iroha Mini vibe arrived yesterday, while this morning we got back in the Fun Factory Stronic Eins, the Tantus Little Secrets Tease mini vibrator, and the Tantus Silk Small silicone dildo. I know it may be a little late for Christmas, but I thought I'd let you know in case this weekend you'll be found at your local shopping centre returning some dire gift an extended family member gave you, whilst dreaming of that perfect vibrator you've had your eye on. 

Here's a few things I've been watching / looking at this week:

  • Marco Polo on Netflix. I'm 2/3 of the way through the series, and I'm still not sure if I like it yet. Like a pendulum, it swings between scenes and episodes of pure epic brilliance and ones of complete cheese and melodrama. I'll make my full report when I finish the series probably in the New Year.
  • I love this fascinating article by sociologist Katherine Cross for Feministing which looks at the many purposes of women's fashion, fashion & style in society, and how some men perceive women's motivations for styling themselves the way they do. 
  • There was a hilarious piece on the New Yorker this week giving parody reviews of classic children's films as Ayn Rand. Mary Poppins doesn't fair too well. 

And finally, one of my boyfriend's relatives in America wanted to wish us a very Merry Christmas and so sent us this cartoon. I've never met them, but they know me too well! Have a fabulous Christmas everyone! I'll see you in a couple of days.