2014 Web Awards

Shawna Scott, owner of sexsiopa.ie, wins €50 from Realex at the 2014 Realex Fire Web AwardsLast night I attended the Realex Fire Web Awards as a Finalist in the Best eCommerce Micro category. Sadly I didn't get to bring home a little sibling for my 2013 Award, but I did have a fabulous time eating all the sweets I could get my grubby little hands on. Huge congratulations to Mad Inks who bet me in our category. They have an amazing site, so do check them out. I was also delighted to see Web Awards newcomers, Firefly Friends, take home 4 awards including Grand Prix! I think that really speaks to both the quality of their website and the awards themselves. It's unique amongst award ceremonies in that it levels the playing field for everyone, and you don't need to be with the in-crowd to win. It's free to anyone to enter and you're judged solely on the quality and usability of your website.

Rick O'Shea was in top form, as always, as host for the evening. However I was terribly disappointed as none of the Curly Wurlies he threw into the salivating mob of an audience came anywhere near me. I even tweeted at him to bring me one, but to no avail. On the upside, though, I managed to win €50 from the night's sponsors, Realex, and my partner and I stole ourselves a styrofoam trophy so even when we're losing, we're winning!

So I guess to celebrate my thieving of a non-biodegradeable foam trophy, I should have some sort of offer on (any excuse really). From now till Oct 31st when you purchase 2 or more items, you'll get your choice of a FREE Sliquid lubricant. Sliquid is my absolute favourite lubricant brand, because they're glycerin and paraben-free, and they're waterbased lubes are pH balanced. You're gonna love it!