Heavy Metal: Why I love metal toys

When I host or attend an event, the toys that seem to get the most funny looks are my Njoys. They're not like other toys. They're shiny and made of medical grade stainless steel. At first glance they are equal parts intimidating and beautiful. I think many people would associate metal sex toys with Fetish or BDSM, and while they have their roots in those scenes they are not limited to them.

Njoy have brought metal to the mainstream in a way that no other brand has managed to do. They're an ethical company who vow to only make their products from 316 medical grade stainless steel, but more importantly they make well designed toys that actually work. You can even download design specs for each toy from their website. I own both the Pure Plug and the Fun Wand, and they're some of my favourites. However the Pure Wand is legendary amongst sex bloggers. It is the G-spot toy to end all G-spot toys.

I love metal toys for a couple of reasons

  • They can warm up or cool down - Being made from steel means they're heat conductive so you can let it warm to your body temperature or throw it in the fridge for a teasing cool sensation.
  • Sweet gorgeous weightiness!! - The weight of metal toys is often what scares people, but is actually the best part about them, especially with the wands as it requires so little effort and pressure to get the desired results.

So don't let metal toys intimidate you. They're there to do you and your fun bits a great service!