Sliquid is here!


Ok my excitement probably needs a bit of explanation. I love Sliquid lubricants, and since I started Sex Siopa over a year and a half ago, I've been trying to get it in stock. I finally have it now and I'm actually debating in my head whether to sell it or hoard it all for myself.

Sliquid is a brilliant lube, because they're all glycerin and paraben-free. The glycerin-free bit is especially important for those who are prone to yeast infections as sugar can causes yeasty horribleness (official scientific term). And for all you veggies out there, Sliquid is 100% vegan and they never test on animals.

So I've decided to start by stocking 3 of my favourites:

H2o - H2o is Sliquid's most basic lube. If, like I said before, you're prone to thrush, this is the one to go for. It's water-based and water-soluble, and it's pH balanced neutral.

Silk - Silk is a water-based / silicone hybrid. This stuff is nice and slippy without the plasticy, synthetic feeling you get with some silicone lubes. Sliquid Silk is probably the closest thing I've felt to the body's own natural lubricant. Because it's silicone, however, make sure not to use it with silicone toys.

Organics Natural- Organics Natural is pure bottled loveliness! It's water-based like the H2o, but it's also enriched with extra vitamin E and Aloe for folks with sensitive skin. It's slippiness falls somewhere between the H2o and the Silk, and it's probably my favourite of the 3.

You can find reviews of Sliquid on Oh Joy Sex Toy, Hey Epiphora and Apricot Creams.