A good weekend.

I had a very good weekend indeed! Below is a photo of me and Brian from Creative Mornings, moments after I gave my “sex talk” as part of this year’s Beatyard Festival to a room full of sleepy creative-types. This once again proves my theory that Ireland is far more liberal than we give ourselves credit for. Seriously. Anyone who makes the trek into town to hear me talk about sex toys at 8:30 in the morning has got to be, at the very least, a little perverted.

Speaking of perverts, on Saturday I brought the Siopa back to it’s roots with a big table at Peer Rope Dublin. If you didn’t already know, Peer Rope is a casual monthly workshop for folks of all experience levels to come together and teach each other their rope bondage techniques. It’s a great, cheap way to spend an afternoon. Even if you don’t find that kind of thing a turn-on, it’s still a bit of craic to learn a new skill and hog-tie your mates. You can register for updates and upcoming meet-ups by sending an email to peer.rope.Dublin@gmail.com