Shawna on Raidio Na Life

In case you missed Monday’s Alt Eire programme on Raidio Na Life, here’s the Mixcloud of that show, which includes not only some amazing choons, but also interview with yours truly (at about 21:00). Leave it to me to give my first ever radio interview in a language I don’t speak.

Niamh the presenter was so fun to work with and so accommodating. She assured me that no one really cared if my pronunciation and grammar weren’t perfect so long as I was trying. I must admit, I did have quite a bit of help along the way from both Niamh and a friend of mine who is fluent. It was such an awesome experience, and now I find myself using the occassional Irish phrase around the house. I might even take a class if I can find a good one I can afford. Recommendations are definitely welcome.

Also tickets are now available for my Creative Mornings talk this Friday for the Beatyard Festival, but you’d better hurry. They’re going fast!