Product Spotlight: Sir Richard's' Condoms


The Sir Richard's' Condom Company are an awesome bunch of folks doing awesome things. Before I say anything about condoms though, I just wanted to point out the fact that their headquarters in Boulder, Colorado is located on Easy Rider Lane, which makes me love them even more. So apart from the fact that they are located on Easy Rider Lane in Boulder, Colorado, the Sir Richard's' Condom Company are doing amazing things. They run a Buy One/ Give One operation, so for every condom you purchase, Sir Richard's' donates one to a developing nation. In the first few years of their business, they partnered with Partners in Health to distribute condoms to Haiti, but now they are encouraging their customers to nominate more charities and organizations to work with worldwide.

On top of their philanthropy, Sir Richard's' condoms are Vegan and PETA certified, as well as being free from spermacides, parabens, and glycerin.

To stay competitive with the bigger condom brands out there, I've set the pricing at €12/box including free shipping. I know that sometimes it's difficult to break brand loyalty, but I would encourage you to try one box and see for yourself.