Spring Fling in Designist

Sex Siopa 1

Last night I celebrated the start of Spring in style with a private shopping evening in one of my favourite little shops in Dublin, Designist. The prosecco flowed and merriment was had. I got the opportunity to show off some of Sex Siopa's newest toys and answer some hilarious questions. My favourite part of the evening was when some unsuspecting tourists wandered in from the rain while I was rearranging a display. "Are you closed?" one of them asked. "No, not at all, come in!" I said, not realising that I was gesturing them to come in with a big, purple Fun Factory dildo. Whoops! Sex Siopa 3

I had a wonderful time, and if you were there, I hope you did too. Big thanks to Jennie and Annie in Designist for letting me take over their store for the night. Hopefully this will be the start of a beautiful relationship :-)

Sex Siopa 2