It's my party and I'll sell sex toys if I want to.

It would seem that every time I reach some sort of milestone in my life, I mark it by having a sale. Well today is no exception. It's my birthday, and I totally plan to exploit it by putting some of my favourite toys on sale and then, not subtly at all, directing your attention to said toys. Want to get your greedy little mits our new Njoy Pure Plug or an award winning Tenga 3D? How about a 9oz squeezy bottle of creamy, luxurious Boy Butter lubricant? Well guess what! They're all on sale today! Woohoo! I've also taken €20 off our top-selling Minna Ola programmable vibrator and the Fun Factory Stronic range. Have a browse around, but remember the sale is just for today.
(Tip: If you're having a party, and the fella you fancy leaves to get the shift off one of your friends, you're probably better off with a vibrator anyway.)