Sex Siopa Valentine's Party in Twisted Pepper!

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Last night I celebrated my first year in business with big Valentine's bash in Twisted Pepper on Middle Abbey street. I was delighted to see so many new and familiar faces there. I guess the bribe of free cake and prosecco worked. I'll keep that in mind for next time. Thanks to everyone who attended and especially those who treated themselves to new toys. I wish you all super sexy Valentine's orgasms! I'd also like to give special thanks to a gang of massive legends who helped make the night happen. Eoin, Ian, and all the lads in Twisted Pepper who have been so accommodating and made sure the night went so smoothly for me.

Sex Siopa celebrates 1st birthday with Valentine’s bash in The Twisted Pepper while launching a range of  new toys

To Carol who went to great lengths to help me organise the event and jumped in at the last minute to help present my Q&A. To Ariff and Mairead who made all the scrumptious cakey goodness (I think more than a few people want to hunt you down for your recipes). To Barbara who graciously managed my shop while I swanned around doing Q&A's and having my pictures taken. To DJ Paddy for banging out all the sick choonz, yo. And to photographer extraordinaire, Ruth Medjber for providing us with hilarious photos of me posing with dildos as well as lovely photos of everyone having a great time. Be sure to watch this space for more events coming up throughout the year!

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