Sex Siopa is a year old this month!!


It's so hard to believe that Sex Siopa opened it's online doors a year ago. I was so nervous and had no idea what to expect. In my mind, it could have gone either way; promoting bodysafe, well designed toys could really catch on here in Ireland... or people just mightn't be bothered. I was so elated the first time I got an email from a customer saying "Thank you so much for opening such a friendly, sex positive shop. Ireland really needs something like this." Similar emails followed throughout the year and I received more and more press coverage despite a rocky start with a rather conservative Irish media.

The highlight of my year though was most definitely winning the Realex Fire Web Award for Best eCommerce Site. Giving a shakey, nervous acceptance speech in front of 500 people and then taking a photo where I looked like a crazy deer in headlights was not part of that highlight, and I try hard every day to block it from my memory.  However it gave me a huge opportunity to showcase the shop in a way that I most certainly wouldn't have been able to do otherwise, both with press and new customers. My other highlight has to be hearing my shop get discussed on Ryan Tubridy's 2FM show (flippin' Tubridy!!!). I'd still be in disbelief that it ever happened, if it weren't for their podcasts. Maybe this year he'll have me on the Late Late show. I'd better start practicing my public speaking now. 2014 is set to be an exciting year.

I'm plotting my world domination Pinky and the Brain style, and I'd love for you all to be apart of that. Join me; it's definitely not a cult (though that's probably exactly what I'd say if it were a cult), and be sure to watch this space for updates on said world domination. Before I head off to continue my plotting and scheming, I'd really like to thank all my wonderful customers, especially the very patient ones at the start of the year when I was still setting things up. You've all been so kind and awesome. I also need to thank the amazing folks who helped me out during my first year of business, whether it be promoting or retweeting links to the site, writing up articles about Sex Siopa, letting me advertise in your magazine, voting for me at the Web Awards, or sending me encouraging emails. You guys truly rock my world and I couldn't have made it past my first year without you. xx  Shawna