Buying Irish: My epic local Xmas haul

Yesterday I popped into town to get my last bits of Christmas shopping out of the way. I really hope my boyfriend doesn't read this as his present is about to be featured below. As a small business owner, I believe it's so important that we do our best to support local trade. Like a lot of people, I personally, cannot afford to buy Irish every single time, but I do make an effort to do my research and buy locally whenever I can. Obviously, if you're buying for that sexy someone in your life, I'd strongly encourage (nay demand!) that you buy from me. However if you've got friends and family to buy for as well, have a look at some of the things I picked up in my travels yesterday.


First stop was Designist. I've been in love with this store since it opened. It's always my go-to place for small birthday and Christmas gifts. For my boyfriend, I got the Two Rooms in Dublin Breakfast and Brunches cookbook (€22) by Kevin and Garvan, owners of the Two Rooms in Dublin B&B. This was more of a present to myself than anything else, as I fully expect delicious breakfasts in bed as a result of gifting this to him. I also picked up Broadsheet's Book of Unspecified Things that look like Ireland for a mate of mine (bargain at €10), and an 8-pack of Sugru (€16) because who doesn't need Sugru in their lives. Next stop was the pop-up shop Makers & Brothers & Others. The shop reminds me of an Irish version of Muji. It's a tad on the expensive side, but everything in the place is really well designed and made. The staff are especially helpful and friendly as well.


Last week, both of our chopping boards snapped in half from too much dishwasher usage, so I was please to find that M&B&O's had this super sturdy plank of awesome for sale (€36).  And like a shop after my own heart, everything is gift wrapped for free. We put this baby straight to work last night while making dinner and brown bread (correction: boyfriend made dinner and brown bread. I was merely the beneficiary of said dinner and brown bread).


My final stop was an absolutely vital one, as Christmas shopping can work up such an appetite. Cheesecake on South William Street has recently been my new happy place. Like M&B&O's, Cheesecake is a pop-up shop, so if you wish try pure Oreo-flavoured sin in a jar (€4.50 each), get yourself down there before Christmas. Before I go, I'd like to point out that none of these businesses paid me to say any of this. I genuinely love supporting Irish retail and creative fields, and I hope you'll join me in doing the same in one way or another this Christmas.