What I intend to do next...

by 1 October 24, 2013

When you've recently started a business, and you're barely breaking even, and you have to decide month to month whether to put what little money you've earned into advertising or office supplies, it can be fairly frustrating and really get you down. Then sometimes little things happen that build you up and affirm that your passion for your business is a worthy one, and you should keep on pushing. Example: On Tuesday I was given the privilege to speak at one of City Intersections weekly forums in the Twisted Pepper. The other speakers that evening included Louisa Santoro from the homeless charity Stepping Stone, and architect Douglas Carson. The fact that someone thought I would be anywhere near the same calibre as those two people is really encouraging.


Another Example: Right before I went to City Intersections, I was told via Twitter that Sex Siopa had made it to the finals of the Web Awards. That's right. A sex shop made it to the finals of the Web Awards! In all 3 categories we were nominated for. I'm still in shock to be honest. So when things like that happen, I instantly go into "Ambitious Mode." I would like to branch out. One of my favourite bits about running my own business is meeting and chatting with customers, but because I can only afford to operate online at the moment, having those great one on one conversations and providing the best possible customer care can be a challenge. With that in mind, I would love to team up with other local small businesses: design shops, boutiques, etc. to do a once off or occasional customer evening. Also if there are any local artisans out there (illustrators, bakers, designers, knitters, and everything in between) who would like to get together and create an event, please get in touch with me at hello@sexsiopa.com. Hopefully we can create something fun and exciting for the folks in our town.