Siopa News!

Sex Siopa had a very exciting week last week. We got in 2 amazing looking double-ended dildos (the Sonic and the New Wave) from the awesome folks at Fun Factory. Not only are they incredibly versatile in terms of function, they also look like something out of a sci-fi film. Hooray for clean lines and futuristic design! We also introduced our 2nd brand of lubricant to the shop. After receiving numerous emails from customers asking us to stock it, we finally got in a batch of Liquid Silk. Liquid Silk is a silicone/water based hybrid, so it stays slippy much longer and doesn't go tacky or dry into the skin like a lot of water based lubes. The other great thing about it is that it doesn't contain any glycerin. Glycerin is sugar that is used in many water-based lubricants as a preservative. This can upset a woman's pH balance, so if you have sensitive lady bits, it's best to use a lube that doesn't contain glycerin (like Liquid Silk!!)


Finally, the most exciting news of the week... Back in August I sat down with the lovely Emily Carson from Totally Dublin to talk about the shop, and my mission, and who in the toy industry inspires me. It was my first proper, big interview, and it was published last Wednesday. I'm so happy with it, which surprised me, because I was so nervous. Emily did a wonderful job with the piece, and asked me some wonderfully mature and thought provoking questions. Hope you're all well and enjoying this mildest of mild Autumns. Watch this space, as we'll be launching something EXTRA special at the end of the month! quate_finalUpdate: Just 2 hours after writing this post I discovered that we have also managed to make it to the quarter finals of the Web Awards in all 3 categories that we've been nominated for: Best Startup, Best E-commerce, and Best Small Business! Roll on the semi-finals!!