Product Spotlight: Lunch Boxxx


  We love our customers (had to sneak a Valentine's reference in there somewhere), and as a new company, we really appreciate their feedback. Lately I've had a quite a few folks lament that they can't find anywhere that stocks nice travel cases for their toys. Well starting today, we've got a great solution for you in the form of Lunch-Boxxx. These guys are lovely faux-leather cases which means they're non-absorbant and easy to clean. They're big enough to store a few toys in them and there's an internal pouch to hold any chargers or batteries. They're small and discreet enough though, that they'll fit into carry-on luggage and could easily be mistaken for a toiletries bag. If you really wanted to, you could wash it out and use it as that too. They're €15 and come in three colours: Blue, Pink, and Black.  

Lunch Boxxx Travel Case