SHAG and how to make a dental dam.


The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) have launched a fantastic campaign called SHAG (Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance). They've partnered with Durex, Think Contraception, and MSD healthcare to bring the students of Ireland some great information regarding safe sex and contraception. I wasn't really thrilled that Abstinence was at the very top of their contraception information, but they do have some really great advice. For example: How to make a dental dam out of a regular condom. Dental dams are fairly difficult to come by in Ireland. Combining safety with oral sex just doesn't seem to be a big part of our culture, but is nevertheless important, especially when sleeping with someone new. Though, instead of ordering them in from the UK or Europe and having to charge my customers €6-8 for a pack of 2 (That's some expensive cunni/analingus), I think it would be far more sensible and economical for me to pass on SHAG's advice to you, the reader. Hurray for knowledge!