Sportsheets Saffron Spanking Ping Pong Paddle

Sportsheets Saffron Spanking Ping Pong Paddle

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  • Polyurethane spanking paddle
  • Firm, thuddy impact
  • Vegan
  • Limited lifetime manufacturers warranty

The Sportsheets Saffron Ping Pong Paddle is an excellent spanking implement for BDSM newbies and seasoned players alike. It is strong and durable, made with a fiberglass core wrapped in polyurethane foam and vegan polyurethane leather for a firm yet cushioned impact on a wide surface area that's more thuddy than slappy. It's gorgeous oxblood red colour is sleek and sophisticated. The Saffron Ping Pong Paddle also comes with a limited lifetime manufacturers warranty.

Caring for your toy: It is always best practice to clean your BDSM toys and accessories after use. With polyurethane toys, we recommend cleaning with a damp cloth and some antibacterial soap or toy cleaning mist. 

Safety Note: Remember when playing with impact toys to always use them on fleshy bits like bums, thighs, upper back and breasts. Never hit someone on the lower back as this may badly hurt their kidneys, and always play Safe, Sane, and Consensual. If you suffer from Diabetes or other circulatory or nerve problems, please be aware that you are at greater risk of injury from kinky activities such as impact play and bondage.