Ohnut is a stackable wearable bumper to prevent deep penetration during sex for folks suffering from pelvic pain.
Hand holding a stack of Ohnut silicone bumpers that help prevent pain during sex for people with endometriosis - Sex Siopa Ireland
Unstacked Ohnut silicone tool for more comfortable sex for people who have endometriosis - Sex Siopa Ireland
The Ohnut is a stackable wearable cock ring to help with pain during intercourse. It is silicone and can be used for folks who suffer from vaginismus, endometriosis, or who have had a hysterectomy.
Ohnut set of 3 (+1 free)
The Ohnut is a silicone bumper that helps prevent painful sex for people who suffer from pelvic pain caused by endometriosis, vaginismus, or who have had gynae surgery due to cancer.
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Ohnut set of 3 (+1 free)

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  • Helps with pain during intercourse
  • Acts as a bumper for penetrating partner
  • 4 Flexible, stackable rings
  • Made from FDA-approved elastomer

Sex Siopa are extremely proud to be Ireland's first stockists of the Ohnut, a stackable FDA-approved elastomer wearable that helps make penetrative sex more comfortable for anyone who experiences pain during intercourse. Painful sex is incredibly common, but sadly it is not spoken about nearly enough. Whether it's due to Endometriosis, Vaginismus, gynae surgery or any number of pelvic pain conditions, the Ohnut can help turn a daunting experience into a mutually pleasurable one for both partners. 

Ohnut is made from a soft, stretchy FDA-approved elastomer that comes in 4 stackable rings. Just pull as many or as few of the rings to the base of the penetrating partner. They act as a bumper, making sure that the penis or sex toy only dives as deep as you're comfortable with. 

The Ohnut can be used with both condoms and a good water based lubricant. Sex Siopa recommends Yes WB or Sliquid Sassy.

Caring for your Ohnut: Keeping your OhNut clean is super easy. Just wash in warm, soapy water and towel dry. Make sure to store them somewhere that is free from dust and lint.