Doxy Die Cast Wand Vibrator
Doxy Die Cast Wand Vibrator

Doxy Die Cast Wand Vibrator

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  • Most powerful wand massager on the market!
  • 3000 - 9000rpm
  • Mains powered / Travel compatible
  • Brushed aluminium / titanium alloy
  • Bodysafe silicone head
  • 3.6 meter cord 

Whether you're looking for the ultimate muscle massager or to vibrate your bits into the stratosphere, the Doxy Die Cast is here for you! At 3000-9000rpm Doxy is the world's most powerful wand vibrator on the market, rivalling even the classic Hitachi Magic Wand. This luxurious piece of kit is made from sturdy brushed aluminium/titanium alloy and has a bodysafe silicone head that is compatible with most standard wand attachments. The cord is 3.8 meters giving you excellent range of movement.

The Doxy is also travel compatible with it's plug top power supply unit (PSU), meaning it's safe to use anywhere in the world so long as you have your travel adapter. 

Sex toy reviewers LOVE this wand massager! Read what Miss Ruby and Emmeline Peaches have to say about the Doxy Die Cast. 

Caring for your toy: Mains powered vibrators are not waterproof so please ensure that the Doxy is unplugged before washing the silicone head with warm, soapy water, making sure not to get any in the body of the wand.