Sportsheets Hog-tie kit


  • 4 fabric cuffs 
  • Metal spring connectors
  • For beginners and experts alike

Love the feeling of being trussed up or perhaps you prefer doing the trussing? You'll fall head over heels for this hog-tie kit by Sportsheets! It has sturdy yet comfortable fabric and velcro cuffs with easy-release spring connectors. This set is brilliant fun for folks new to BDSM and kinky experts alike. 

Remember when using restraints, do not allow the restraints to be so tight as to cut off circulation and never leave the restrained person in a room alone. Always play Safe, Sane, and ConsensualIf you suffer from Diabetes or other circulatory or nerve problems, please be aware that you are at greater risk of injury from kinky activities such as impact play and bondage. 

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