Úr Snug


Introducing the Úr Snug - A collaboration between Sex Siopa and beloved Irish furniture company, Buddabag! The Snug is a top quality memory foam bag that promises to be the coolest, most comfortable and romantic piece of furniture in your home. We've picked two luxurious fabrics that are exclusive to Sex Siopa. Each bag comfortably fits 2 people, and measures approximately 5ft across.

This marks our first venture into manufacturing, and we're so excited to be doing it with such brilliant partners like Buddabag. It was so important to us that we collaborate with people we're already big fans of. Myself and my partner own a Buddabag that is nearly 10 years old, and it's still our absolute favourite thing to sit, nap, and cuddle on! When you buy an Úr Snug, you're getting the same, uncompromising quality mixed with our own discerning aesthetic.

*Please note that Úr Snugs are shipped directly from Buddabag HQ in Dublin, so delivery will be handled through DPD, and most arrive within 24-48hrs. Handy, no?

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