Front view of the Uprize adjustable strap on harness. - Sex Siopa, Ireland's best sex toy shop
This is the side view of the fully adjustable nylon and neoprene Uprize strap-on harness. Sex Siopa sells the best quality queer and LGBTQ sex toys in Ireland
The Uprize adjustable strapon harness comes with a soft padded neoprene base and silicone o-ring. Sex Siopa, Ireland's best Sex Toy Shop
Back view of the Uprize strap-on harness. Sex Siopa, Ireland's favourite adult shop.
Packaging for the Uprize beginner's strap-on harness. Sex Siopa, Ireland's Best Adult Shop in Dublin

Uprize Adjustable Strap-On Harness

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  • Adjustable up to 63" waist/ 35" leg
  • 5cm Silicone O-ring
  • Nylon straps
  • Soft neoprene foam base pad

The Uprize strap-on harness is a perfect entry-level accessory for anyone who is curious about harness play and wants something that is both comfortable and affordable. The nylon straps are fully adjustable up to 63" at the waist and 35" at the leg. The Uprize harness also has soft foam padded base and a flexible silicone o-ring that measures 5cm in diameter.