The Svakom Hedy Ice Cream men's masturbation sleeve in 3 different colours - Sex Siopa, Ireland's favourite multi-award winning sex toy shop!
The inside textures of the Svakom masturbation sex toy for men - Sex Siopa Ireland
Packaging for the Svakom men's sex toy egg - Sex Siopa, Ireland's favourite adult toy shop in Dublin

Svakom Hedy Travel Masturbation Sleeve

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  • Reusable up to 5 times
  • 2 delicious, reversible texture
  • Compact / Travel Size
  • Made of soft, squishy elastomer

The Svakom Hedy is a reusable masturbation sleeve for penises and vulvas alike. It has 2 delicious, reversible textures to tease and delight your most sensitive bits. When using on a penis, pour some water based lubricant inside the Hedy and pull it over like a condom. If you're using the Hedy on a vulva, rub the lubricant on the outside and put it over your fingers or the head of your favourite wand vibrator. 

Sex Siopa recommends this toy for folks who want a new sensation in their masturbatory routine and are on a budget, folks who want something small to travel with, or as an add-on for your wand vibrator. 

Caring for your toy: To clean the Svakom Hedy, wash with tepid water and mild soap. Towel dry then store it back in its hard plastic container.

Lubricant: While the Svakom Hedy comes with a sample sachet of lubricant, you might want to invest in a bottle of water based lube for future use. Sex Siopa recommend Yes Water Based or Sliquid Organics