Lily Allen Liberty by Womanizer rechargeable sucking vibrator - Sex Siopa, Ireland's best sex toys and accessories
3/4 view of the Womanizer Liberty rechargeable vibrator X Lilly Allen - Sex Siopa, Ireland's best Sex Toys and Lubricants
Side view of the Lily Allen Special Edition of the Womanizer Liberty rechargeable sucking vibrator - Sex Siopa Ireland
Front view of the head and controls on the Lily Allen special edition rechargeable sucking vibrator sex toy - Sex Siopa, Ireland's number 1 adult shop.

Womanizer Liberty x Lily Allen Rechargeable "Sucking" Vibrator

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  • Powerful sucking vibrator
  • 6 intensity levels
  • USB rechargeable
  • Fully waterproof
  • 2 sizes of stimulator head included
  • Lily Allen special edition

Sex Siopa is so pleased to be stocking the Lily Allen special edition Liberty vibrator from Womanizer, the inventors of the air pulse sucking technology that has taken over the entire sex toy industry by storm. The Liberty features 6 intensity levels and comes with 2 sizes of stimulator heads, because Womanizer knows that all bodies are different. It uses a magnetic USB charging system and 1 full charge will get you 120 minutes of non-stop play. If you like relaxing in the bath with your toys, that's no problem, because the Liberty is also fully waterproof. This special edition design also comes with a really handy travel and storage cover to keep it hygienic and discreet. 

Caring for your toy:  Remember to wash your sex toys after use. With the Womanizer Liberty remove the silicone head and wash it and the body with warm soapy water then towel try. The compression chamber can be cleaned using a cotton swab and sex toy cleaner. Be sure to pop the silicone head and travel lid back on when you're done.